Company Profile

Modelline is a well-known brand in Indonesia for wire ware plastic coating products that has been established since 1980. We produce wide range of ready made household wire wares and provide customize order.

Our ready made household colletions are versatile racks for kitchen, bathroom, displays, magazines, shoes and many more. Designed and developed to be easy to install and low maintanance with consideration to accomodate efficiency, aesthetic and functional of the area this product to be placed and used. Modelline's products has been produced with high technology and modern machine from Japan and Germany and operated by fully trained and skillful employees. We have since introduced many new and versatile wire ware products into the market and distributed to anywhere around Indonesia.

Over the time spent in the industry, Modelline has formed strong relationship with major suppliers and customers. Modelline's products are available in central districts of furniture appliances's stores such as in Klender, Panglima Polim, Pinangsia (Jakarta), Bali Werti (Surabaya), Suniarja (Bandung), etc. And major stores such as Carrefour, Hypermart, Giant, Mitra10, Alfamart, Depo Bangunan and many more.

For customize order we provide wide range of design to accomodate the requirements and different needs of our valued customers. We specifically designed and developed for some product's promotion to boost selling (ex. display rack) or to be support's part of a product (ex. cooler shelves and freezer basket). Few of our clients are Nestle, Unilever, ABC, Coca-cola, Indofood, Frisian flag, Wilmar, Energizer, etc.

We strive to improve the quality and design of our products constantly. With these all expertise and experiences, we confidence for expansion and become one of the best wire ware company in Indonesia.